The Red and White Podcast – Episode 4

Episode 4 of The Red and White Podcast is up and ready. We talk the UNC win, the BC debacle, and look ahead to Clemson and Syracuse. Give it a listen and let us know what you think!

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The Red and White Podcast is up and running!

If you haven’t seen it on Twitter, I’m one half of The Red and White Podcast. It’s something a buddy and I are trying to get put out at least once a week just to touch base on NC State athletics. The goal was to just capture a convo you’d have with a friend and make for a decent listen. We’re just now on episode 2 and getting some kinks worked out so now is the time to give it a go!

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The worst thing about State fans? Other State fans.

There. I said it. The one thing that drives me crazy about being a State fan isn’t the way we seem to find excruciatingly painful ways to lose games. It’s not the constant look down the nose from our rivals. 


For years, State fans have whined and complained about being overlooked and getting no respect. So now, when we have a coach who says what he thinks, we change our minds and want no attention. No matter the circumstance we can’t be pleased. 

“OMG HOW COULD DAVE SAY SOMETHING ABOUT FSU FAKING INJURIES?!” Pretty easily actually. Do you think he cares if some fans think it’s whining? If I had a picture of Doeren with a DILLIGAF face I’d post it now because NO HE DOES NOT. We lost a close game to the number one team in the country with a ton of high profile recruits in the stadium. If one of those 17 year old kids left thinking that injuries are what kept us from winning then more power to Doeren and his message. Media doesn’t like it? Some fans don’t like it? Meh. They don’t sign to play at a school for four years. Anything that can help in recruiting I’m more than happy to listen to. It was all worth it if even one of those kids left the stadium thinking “Wow. FSU had to fake injuries to stop State from beating them. They’ve got something going here.”

Now everybody has their ass on their shoulders because Coach came out and said what the vast majority of our fan base says at some point. How many of you have whined about officiating? How many of you have said “that wouldn’t happen to Carolina?” Almost every damn one of you reading this have been in those shoes. Is it weird to think that the Coach isn’t? “Oh, but he’s supposed to be an ambassador to the program and never whine.” If that’s the case then every State fan that whines needs to just keep it quiet. Doeren is standing up and saying everything that we believe and whine about yet he gets chastised for it. 

You think we have it bad? Try worrying about doing your job because of things that are out of your control. I would have walked out of a presser throwing up middle fingers in the air after the Clemson game last year. All he does is make comments about what he believes. Everybody loved the TOB “triple play” comment a few years back. The quote last night was done in a joking matter and we’re ready to make him stand in the corner for it. 

C’mon State fans. Embrace what you have. Someone who thinks and speaks like you do. If you can’t appreciate it then look in the mirror and decide if it’s worth it. Everything you’re saying now is what a lot of other fan bases say about all of us. I’m good with it. Are you?

*Disclaimer – I typed this with the fury of a thousand suns and I refuse to spell/grammar check. I don’t care. 

Looking back at the Clemson incident.

I purposefully waited a few days to give any sort of opinion of “the call” from Thursday night.  There was a lot of anger I that I needed to process and many obscenities that I needed to get out of the way.  We were in the game, we were going to take the lead, and we were going to ruin the night of the people who were worried about the perception of the conference.

Now it’s a few days later and I’ve calmed down a bit.  Do I think it was the correct call?  Absolutely not.  His foot never went out of bounds.  If it had, it should have been called a touchdown to begin with and then overturned.  Did we get hosed?  We sure did.  That call changed the direction of the game and sucked the life out of the team as well as Carter-Finley.  However, here’s where I may anger a few of you.  Would we have won the game if the touchdown had been allowed?  I don’t think so.

There’s no doubt momentum would have been on State’s side if they had gone up 14-13.  Clemson would have been on their heels and the term “Clemsoning” would have had life again.  Dave Doeren had his team ready and they had performed admirably up until that point.  The team deserved the lead.  They didn’t get it though.

Beating a team with the talent that Clemson has this year isn’t an easy thing to do.  You need to have a nearly flawless game and take advantage of every situation you’re in.  The fact is, even after the run was called back, State had a first down with good field position.  If they could have put the call behind them and played the hand they were dealt they could have been alright.  Instead, a fumble by Pete Thomas led to a quick score by Clemson that basically put the game out of reach.  

I’m not saying that if the fumble hadn’t occurred then State would have won the game.  There’s no way to know that for certain.  The fact is, however, the fumble CAN’T happen when trying to defeat a team like Clemson.  There is too much talent on that team for mistakes.  

The call didn’t cost State the game – the team’s inability to deal with the call did. 

The game is in the past and the loss is in the books.  There’s nothing to be done about it and it’s best to try and forget it.  The thing to take out of Thursday night is this team is going in the right direction.  They competed against a team that could (or should) have blown them out of the water.  The defense is good and will get better as the year progresses.  The offense is behind the defense but is getting there and will only be better when Brandon Mitchell returns.  Dave Doeren is doing a good job and leading the program into what should be a promising future.  

It was a tough loss but at the end of the day it’s no worse than any other loss.  Having a 2-1 record after 3 games was expected by most and it’s nothing to be ashamed of.  

Plus, it’s better than being 1-2.  Here’s to you Carolina.

Go Pack
— DH 

Week 1 – Getting to know Louisiana Tech.

Week 1 will match the Wolfpack against the Bulldogs of Louisiana Tech. 

Louisiana Tech finished with a record of 9-3 for the 2012 season.  They had a conference record of 4-2 which led to a 3rd place finish in the Western Athletic Conference.  The Bulldogs will begin play in Conference USA this season.  

Tech put up frightening offensive numbers last year.  They had the top scoring offense in the country with 51.5 ppg while passing for over 350 yards per game.  The rushing attack wasn’t overshadowed by the passing game, however, as Tech also averaged 227 yards per game on the ground.  Just so we’re clear, those 2 statistics were good enough for 3rd and 16th overall.  They were quite bad on the defensive side of the ball as they gave up 38.5 ppg, but THEY SCORED A WHOLE LOT. 

The good news for State is that Tech lost the bulk of their team.  They also lost their head coach, Sonny Dykes, who listened to “California Gurls” one too many times and is now the head coach of the California Golden Bears.  Skip Holtz took over for LA Tech and is facing a major rebuild (not unlike Doeren’s job here at State.)  This is a totally different football team with different personnel as well as a brand new system. 

If this were the same Tech team from last year then we would all be quite worried going into Saturday.  As it stands, however, there should be a bit of a talent difference that will lead to a State win.  Their defense gave up plenty of points last year so this game should lead to a smooth start for our new offense.  Brandon Mitchell should be able to carve them up and put points on the board.  (Yes, I’m going under the assumption that Mitchell will be named starter.)  They lost the quarterback that put up those monstrous numbers last season so they’ll be in the same boat as we are on the offensive side of the ball.  The difference will be our defense handling the situation better than the defense of LA Tech.  

Prediction – 
Expect a sloppy game from both teams that leads to a 38-24 win for NCSU.  Also look for a breakout game from freshman RB Matt Dayes. 

It’s football season again. Enjoy.  If you’re out at the game feel free to come by and say hey.  Send me a tweet to find our tailgate and come have a good time. 

Go Pack.
– DH